Google Adwords: Internet Marketing for Small Business

Google Adwords: Internet Marketing for Small Business

Firstly, there is a lot of really good and bad information out there about Google AdWords. If you are doing internet marketing for small business, you may want to utilize PPC advertising to increase your leads and test new products.
I’ll do my best here to teach you how Google AdWords really works.
So if you have heard anything or learned something in the past that contradicts what is being mentioned here, then you can ignore it. The reason for this is that Google changes its rules quite often so its important for you to understand that that the internet landscape is always changing and it is necessary to stay current on these changes. At the time of writing is the most current and correct information about Google AdWords.
How does Google AdWords work?
Lets talk about Google’s background for a moment, in the past Google was not all about making money but now it is. As the company continues to grow in strength and their employee numbers increase, so is their priority for making money back to shareholders. What makes Google money is that users have a good experience on Google. If the user searches for something and finds what they want (whether its a natural search or through an ad) then Google is happy as it is an indication that user will come back and search on Google again. The most important thing to remember with Google AdWords is: that the user (ie searcher) has a good user experience when they click on your ads. If they don’t, Google will know this from the quality score and they will punish you in AdWords with a higher cost per click and lower ad placements. The better the advertiser you are, the better experience the user has thus the higher your quality score. This will reward you in your campaigns significantly – you will end up paying much less than your competitors, receive higher returns and better results.
The click cost will depend on:
* What keywords you are bidding on or what you tell Google you are willing to pay
* What your competitors are willing to pay on those keywords
* How well written your ad is – is it relevant?
* The click through rate (CTR) on your ad
The CTR is super important in terms of how well your AdWords campaign works. If you think about how Google makes its money: the more times your ads get clicked on – the more money Google makes. Therefore if your ads gets clicked on twice as much as your competitor’s ad (because you wrote a better ad than they did), this means Google is making more money with your ad hence they will charge your less and still show your ad in a higher position. On a side note, Google has an amazing Google AdWords learning centre where you can grasps the basics of PPC advertising if you are new to it. For now, I am just going to talk the strategies I use to help businesses about achieve successful with Google AdWords.
There are many important things you need to understand when running Google AdWords……
1. You have to be very specific:
By specific I mean you need to give the customer exactly what they want. Lets use the example of an advertisement on dog training and you have a product on how to train a German shepherd to go to the bathroom outside. If you bid on the word ‘dog training’, that person is not looking for a product on how to train a German shepherd to be potty trained. They may be looking on information on how to teach their dog on how to be obedient, how to sit or maybe stop barking. So in relation to being specific, you have to be very specific with what keywords you are bidding on. For the example above, you need to bid on keywords like ‘dog potty training’, ‘German shepherd potty training’ or ‘German shepherd training’. The reverse of this is true, the more general you get, the more money you will spend and the worse result you will get. Of course if you have a process that converts very well, then you can get very generic with it however you should almost always start out very specific. So if you are promoting Nike running shoes, you don’t want to be bidding on ‘running shoes’ (that is too general), you want to bid on the specific style of the Nike running shoe as keywords.
Another thing on being specific, is that you have to give the searcher exactly what they want on your website. So if you have a whole website on dog training along with products, and you bid on ‘how to potty train a dog’, you must send them to the specific page that mentions potty training a dog. If you send them to the home page and the home page isn’t about potty training a dog, that user is not going to get exactly what they want. So it is very important to give them what them exactly what they are looking for.
Being specific also applies to which keywords you select, what you write in your ad and how you structure your campaign. Your keywords should be tightly grouped in your AdWords group (which means its a small group of laser targeted keywords) so do not put thousands of keywords in your campaign – Google does not like that. Within your campaign, you should have AdWords groups with 2-26 keywords and pointing to the specific page on your site that gives the searcher what they are looking for. Important aLso is to start with very low budgets and to increase this as you get more experience after running a few days.

So its a good way to start with you small business internet marketing campaigns with Google Adwords but after you watch all the video tutorials and you make a few tests until you figure out how to run a Google Adwords campaign by a small business.

Website Promotion : How to for free, The Ultimate List

Website Promotion : How to for free, The Ultimate List

Promoting your website to reach larger audiences is a multi-tiered procedure. Among the initial steps is to discover important sites and online platforms that permit you to highlight your website’s URL in one method or another. To conserve you the basic work, we assembled a list for promoting online material. These links will assist you develop your online existence one by one. Some deal with an easy URL submission while others need a more tactical method, however they all share something– they are totally free of charge. Also SEO ( Search engine optimization) is one of the best ways for website promotion meaning free traffic on the long run. You don’t have to loose anything start now to promote your website.

Online Business Directories

50 Online Local Business Directories/Listings for Local Marketing

  1. Google
  2. Bing
  3. Yahoo!
  4. Yelp
  5. Facebook
  6. Better Business Bureau
  7. Angie’s List
  8. Merchant Circle
  9. LinkedIn
  11. Whitepages
  13. Yellowbook
  14. CitySearch
  15. MapQuest/Yext
  17. Foursquare
  18. CitySlick
  20. Dex Media
  22. TeleAtlas
  23. Discover Our Town
  24. EZ Local
  25. Kudzu
  26. CityVoter
  27. Manta
  28. UsCity
  29. Advice Local
  30. InfoUSA
  31. Infignos
  32. Get Fave
  33. My Huckleberry
  34. Yellowee
  35. MojoPages
  36. Brownbook
  37. Magic Yellow
  38. CitySquares
  39. Map Creator
  40. Judy’s Book 
  41. TripAdvisor
  42. Thumbtack
  44. Home Advisor
  45. ShowMeLocal
  47. Yellowbot
  48. Hotfrog
  49. Brownbook
  50. InsiderPages

Popular Social Media Sites





















Some of this could be your favorite media sites use them.

The Top Content Curation to promote your website

Here are some of the top content curation tools you can use to help boost your content starting today.

Content curation is the process of gathering information relevant to a particular topic or area of interest. Services or people that implement content curation are called curators.Curation services can be used by businesses as well as end users. wikipedia

1. Trap.It

2. Feedly

Feedly .

3. Pinterest


4. Quora



6. BuzzSumo


7. MyCurator for WordPress

This tool

8. Spundge


9. Learnist


10. Slideshare


11. Storify



13. ContentGems

This program

14. Pocket


15. Triberr


16. Post Planner

This tool

17. Curata


Website Promotion with SEO and a little introduction 

SEO is actually a method where the site gets traffic from the search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Duckduckgo and many more. Today great content including articles, videos,presentations, info-graphics and many more ways to promote the website of your online business

Digital Marketing Solutions to Promote Your Online Company

Digital Marketing Solutions to Promote Your Online Company

Reaching a target audience over has actually been altering and are not just minimal to broadcasting and print however has actually likewise reached the Web. How the surfing and shopping habits of customers have actually likewise impacted the marketing techniques of online organisation.

Thanks to digital marketing solutions, your online company can draw in a market share in the huge virtual commerce of the around the world web.
It does not matter if an online is little or industry. Strength of business or huge financial investment are not requirements to being into online service. The virtual market location has actually done the utilize in promoting services and products by internet marketing projects easily provided by some internet marketing business. They devote themselves in developing, handling, and carrying competent organisation results in your site. This in turn will assist in your online organisation promo and perhaps close offers. You will need to integrate your service requires with their services to attain your prepared objectives.
For a lot of online business, they decide to employ an outsource or specialist services like for example an seo consultant to be able to clinch the limitless ways of marketing in the Web. These business generally called incorporated marketing business typically utilizes digital services to reach a bigger particular audience that can value exactly what your online organisation can use. Digital marketing solutions can include great deals of marketing digital mediums to hold the attention of their chosen consumers. These channels can be e-mail, SMS, banner advertisements, social networking websites, digital outside display screens and a lot more ways that are owned by digital innovation.
There are 2 branches of method for digital marketing solutions. The “push” design puts a purposeful effort to press their ad throughout their target market. One traditional example is the e-mail, SMS, or newsletter. They consist of the sales brochure or item description that a possible purchaser can be thinking about and provided right to them straight. All the required details to obtain hold of the items they like are readily available for them in one click making it much easier to draw great deals of order demands. Publishing remarks at social websites can likewise reach possible clients at an extremely friendly manner in which can likewise assist the little push to make them wish to get a services or product online.
Although some argue that some wind up as spams, they can still yield a substantial attention to your site. Another method in digital marketing solutions is the “pull” design. They discover methods to trigger the possible clients to purchase the services or products you provide by exposing digital projects. An example would be the banner advertisements and outside digital screens. that can market an intriguing items to the audience therefore they click it tom discover more about it.
Promoting your online company has actually been a lot more much easier with the offered digital innovation that can be incorporated with the Web. Patterns today are significantly altering so you ought to anticipate some untried channels to come up at any time. One example is the digital telephone project where digital phones are being utilized to make outgoing calls to possible clients. You will never ever understand when the right one for your online seo service company can provide you the profits you never ever imagined at a portion of a rate.

5 Ways to know if an SEO Consultant is Good or Not.

5 Ways to know if an SEO Consultant is Good or Not.

5  Ways to know if an SEO Consultant is Good or Not.

Well done Seo can significantly improve the success of an online website or  company. It will be the crucial element to growing authority and brand name awareness (in the long-run). Nevertheless, there is no treatment for a problematic or out-of-date service technique.

seo consultant

If you’re looking for to upgrade your SEO techniques and strategies, you’ll have to discover a specialist that keeps updated current with the existing finest practices.

SEO is not a magic wand to restore a recently established organisation, however it can be a fantastic weapon to let loose the complete online capacity of a currently great idea. Here is exactly what you ought to get out of a skilled SEO Expert:

  1. Offers Data-Driven performance results.

Great SEO consists of proficiency and experience however most notably it is everything about actionable outcomes based upon extensive, precise and fresh information

Actionable SEO choices need to be owned by precise, current information.

Whether the difficulty to be resolved is associated with connect structure tradition issues, on-page content quality or the technical setup impeding a website from growing presence in Google or whether it is a case of all the aspects integrated and more, the only method of owning actionable outcomes is to utilize all information that can be collected. Other technique is simply uncertainty.

  1. Offers complete competition analysis

You already know that Keywords are the most important assets to research when a new project is risen but  looking at the competition in the first page of Google results will give you a nice idea if the SEO expert knows what he is talking about.

  1. Seeks alternative Option Solutions

Alternative services can discuss selecting which essential methods to follow or which website structure to use so that website is best comprehended by users and online search engine bots alike.

There are many examples of alternative courses to attaining a specified objective with natural search. It’s as similarly real for particular SEO concerns as it is for basic choices, such as whether to pursue a white hat technique certified with online search engine standards or whether to follow a high-risk black hat technique, accepting the fundamental threats to the site’s rankings related to the latter technique.

In any case, the SEO technique has to be plainly described within the company in order to enable complete openness in the choice taking procedure.

With SEO there are frequently a number of alternative courses that can result in preferred high rankings in online search engine. From a search viewpoint, dangerous backlinks can be disavowed, eliminated or modified. Low-grade material pages affecting on-page website signals for online search engine can be dropped or no-indexed.

SEO typically has to do with picking in between options

  1.  Offers to use and names the best tools available in the world today including Google Search Console, analytics, Screaming frog, SEM Rush, Ahrefs, Majestic and of course MOZ. Then if you ask and he answers with this you know you have the SEO Consultant you are looking for.
  2. Transparent and Open Interaction

An SEO professional needs to have the ability to deal with any search concerns or obstacle tossed their method. That does not suggest they will have the ability to offer a response that is to everybody’s preference. With an approaching SEO audit, the concept is to reveal untapped capacities or– more frequently– recognize presently looming SEO dangers and offer treatments.

Obviously, enhancement or evolutionary adjustment of an existing website is just possible within particular constraints. Turning a made-for-advertising-revenue directory site into a beacon of online development without basically reconsidering business principle is not most likely to occur.

Any responses from an SEO specialist should be seen in this context. At the very same time, the SEO professional must likewise be anticipated to ask tough concerns while doing so.

Modification and for that reason potentially an extreme argument will be most likely needed in effect.

More than anything, SEO has to do with recognizing and carrying out sometimes complicated options, which needs a procedure of continuous back and-forth interaction.

Reliable SEO needs interaction including all stakeholders


When it comes to SEO auditing of a site, as soon as annually is an adequate time span to re-evaluate the existing scenario.

That’s why every SEO effort should be viewed as a photo in time. They can assist to own company however will need to be regularly reviewed and examined once again in the very same way as other company elements, like production, logistics or marketing.

Over night ranking wonders have to do with as reasonable and sustainable as a lot of wonders are– not. That uses to expectations as much as to guarantees some less than upcoming SEO might feel likely to make.

While all the points described above can be anticipated to be part of any SEO effort, there are restrictions to exactly what seo can accomplish.

Nevertheless, even the best-crafted SEO method working precisely as prepared for can not be anticipated to continuously provide over a prolonged amount of time, for the precise very same factors. In search, whatever remains in a consistent flux and modification is the only constant.

Particular rankings for a site for wanted keywords or questions is simply not something an SEO Consultant can guarantee to provide, considered that they will never ever have the ability to manage all appropriate elements of search, such as online search engine policies, their algorithms, brand-new and upgraded rival websites or the ever-evolving user habits.

Creating a good SEO strategy with Google Search Console

Basically, creating a good SEO strategy starts with a good look at Google Webmaster Tools. Why? Just because if your content and on page SEO is good enough the page will get impressions even if the complete site has ZERO links. This way you will know where exactly to start.

Watch this video where Maile Ohye describes how to create a holistic SEO strategy inclusive of all your company’s online channels (website, blog, social media channels). She uses the mock company, Webmaster Central, and pretends to be the SEO manager of the Webmaster Central Blog.